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What Are Some Severe Injuries That Result From Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

Due to the size and weight of trucks and commercial vehicles, accidents involving these vehicles will often produce very serious injuries or even death. We see a number of types of injuries on a recurring basis. Neck and back injuries are common and may range from strains and sprains to fractured vertebrae and disc injuries. Other types of injuries we see include broken bones, lacerations, contusions, rib cage injuries, spinal cord injuries, and even paralysis or death. Any of these injuries may prevent a person from being able to engage in normal daily activities and may even prevent them from returning to work.

We also see frequent internal injuries. This is when you have blunt trauma that causes internal bleeding, which bleeds into a critical organ, such as the kidney, bladder, liver, pancreas, or spleen. These injuries are potentially life threatening. Also common are head injuries, which can include traumatic brain injuries. This can occur in whiplash injuries, as well as in cases where there is direct trauma to the head. It is important to realize that one need not be rendered unconscious in order for there to be a concussion or a traumatic brain injury. It can occur because of a rapid acceleration or deceleration, which causes the brain to be shaken and thrown up against the inside of the skull. Sometimes these brain injuries are not readily apparent. Symptoms might develop over time and can include headaches, memory problems, nausea, vision, balance problems, and cognitive difficulties. They can also result in changes in personality.

Who Could Potentially Be Held Liable In a Commercial Vehicle Accident Case?

In cases involving tractor trailers or other commercial vehicles, there can be a host of different entities that may be responsible. Of course, the truck driver can be held accountable for his own negligent driving. In addition, claims may be made against the trucking company that directly employed the truck driver. A claim can also be made against the company that may have leased the services of the truck and driver that was involved in the crash. Another possible party against whom a claim might be brought is the broker that arranged for the leasing of the driver, truck, or equipment. In some cases, the shipper of the goods that are being carried in the truck can also be held accountable, as well as claims against the insurance company for the trucking company. Determining which of these parties will be responsible requires a careful investigation and frequently involves a detailed discovery process. It may also depend upon which state’s laws apply.

How Much Compensation Can I Hope To Recover In A Commercial Vehicle Accident?

The amount of compensation is normally considerably higher in cases that involve commercial vehicles because they will typically have much larger insurance policies with higher limits. The amount of compensation, as in all personal injury cases, will take into consideration a number of factors. Such factors include consideration of the strengths and weaknesses of the liability claim, the nature and extent of the injuries, the duration and complexity of medical care, the amount of medical bills that have been incurred and that may be incurred in the future, past and future loss of income, and the pain and suffering that may be associated not only with the physical injury, but also with the psychological harms that may ensue.

How Complex Are Commercial Vehicle Accident Cases?

Cases involving commercial vehicles are very different from other automobile accident cases. Commercial trucking is regulated by a detailed set of both federal and state laws and these regulations cover matters involving the vehicles, the drivers, and the operations of commercial trucking companies. Violations of these regulations may serve as a basis for bringing a liability claim involving a commercial trucking company. Some examples of violations that may give rise to a liability claim could include carrying dangerous cargo, having defective equipment, having equipment that hasn’t been properly inspected, having a driver who is working more hours than is allowed by law, and other truck safety violations.

These cases are also more complex because commercial trucking companies and their insurance companies approach the cases very differently than in automobile accident cases. They will employ, in serious cases, rapid response teams to investigate the accidents. It is imperative that an injured person hire knowledgeable and experienced counsel to counter these rapid response teams. An attorney can take action quickly to see that evidence is preserved, so that a thorough investigation can be made before crucial evidence is gone.

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