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What Are The Common Causes Of Accidents Involving Bicycles?

Bicycle accidents are becoming more and more common, particularly in urban environments where traffic is getting more congested. We tend to certain kinds of accidents repeatedly. One type of common accident happens when the driver of a parked car opens his car door into the path of an oncoming bicyclist. This causes the cyclist to crash into the door. Another likely accident is in a left crossing situation. This happens when a motorist is making a left turn into an intersection and collides with the cyclist, who is coming from the opposite direction. Bicyclists are often less visible than automobiles or trucks. It is also easy to misjudge the speed of the bicyclist. Another typical situation is a right crossing accident. This occurs when a cyclist is entering the intersection and is sideswiped by a motorist coming from his right side. Another common type of case involves a right hook type of accident, where the cyclist and the motorist are traveling parallel to each other with the car on the cyclist’s left, and the motorist tries to make a right turn, failing to see the bicyclist, hitting him or her. There can also be rear end collisions that occur between a motorist and bicyclist, just as rear end collisions occur between motor vehicles.

In each of these cases, the accidents frequently happen because the motorist failed to keep a proper lookout and has not seen the cyclist. Sometimes, it can result from distracted driving. It is important to keep in mind that injuries may also come from defects in the manufacturing or design of the bike, which may support a products liability claim. In serious cases, we often have the bicycle inspected by a professional to determine whether there may have been a product defect.

Who Would Be At Fault If A Road Hazard Causes A Bicycle Accident?

Road hazards often lead to bicycle accidents because bicyclists do not have the same protection that is available to individuals occupying a motor vehicle. For this reason, bicyclists may be more susceptible to injuries caused by potholes, steep hills, or construction barricades and equipment. If there is inadequate warning of the hazards, bicyclists may not have sufficient time to react. These cases have to be investigated very carefully to determine legal responsibility. In some cases, a governmental entity may be a responsible party, if they are on notice of a problem such as potholes, and fail to properly maintain the roads or provide warning of the danger. Negligent design of the road or intersection may also be an issue. It is important to keep in mind that laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction with respect to whether claims can be brought against a governmental entity. Where claims are allowed, there are typically strict deadlines and specialized requirements for providing notice of an intention to bring a claim. For this reason, it is best to consult with an experienced injury attorney promptly.

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