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Man’s injury becomes his life’s work

A debilitating injury can be difficult for anyone, and if it is caused by a negligent party or even an accident, there may be legal options available that will help pay for medical costs or pain and suffering. A spinal cord injury is particularly serious, so there may be costs accrued due to permanent disability, paralysis and long-term medical care. Despite the seriousness of the injury, there is hope for victims. Readers in Maryland or Virginia might be interested in knowing about a man, 37, who has focused on walking again after

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Age can play a role in medical malpractice

While other professions require regular health screenings to ensure that those working in the field are still capable of doing so, no such requirement exists for doctors. Today, many doctors choose to continue working past the traditional retirement age of 65. In some cases, this can lead to malpractice and cause harm to patients. Those living in the Washington D.C. area who feel they have been the victim of medical malpractice should understand that they may have the right to seek compensation. Currently, 42 percent of the physicians in America are over

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Multiple injuries reported after school bus crash in D.C.

Vehicle accidents are not something that should be taken lightly, particularly when injuries are involved. Those injured in car accidents can be faced with an array of challenges after a crash, including medical expenses, lost wages and other serious damages. A multicar accident involving a school bus in Washington, D.C., has left a number of people injured and facing these types of uncertainties and challenges. The terrifying four-vehicle crash sent 21 people to the hospital around 8 a.m. on Nov. 26. Police report that a school bus was traveling west on

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Two dead in Maryland after road rage incident on I-95

On the morning of Nov. 24th, a tragic accident on I-95 ended in two deaths and three injuries. Police are still investigating the incident, but they suspect that road rage may have played a role in causing the accident. The families of those killed in this car accident, as well as those who were injured, may therefore have a right to compensation depending on the results of an inquiry to find out who was responsible for the incident. According to police, the accident occurred at around 2 a.m. A 2005 Lexus

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