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Three common types of long-term injuries from car accidents

You have survived a serious car accident, but your troubles are not over yet. Even after the police arrive at the scene, you are transported to a hospital and your injuries are treated, there is a long way to go. Many car accidents—even small ones—have long-term consequences that you may have to deal with your whole life. The consequences of a car accident range from minor to severe. No matter how seemingly inconsequential, an injury can affect you for a long, long time. These are three of the most common long-term

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Bicycles can cause hit-and-runs, too

Let’s say that you are driving down a residential street when a bicyclist sideswipes your car. You pull over, expecting to exchange insurance information, but instead he rides away. Your car now has substantial damage, and you don’t have any information on the cyclist. Is this still considered a hit-and-run? Most people associate hit-and-runs with cars, trucks or motorcycles. These are the vehicles that cause most hit-and-runs, but they are not the only perpetrators. But hit-and-runs can be caused by other types of vehicles, including bicycles. Bicycles and hit-and-runs Some

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