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Obliviousness to wet weather can be cause of wrongful death

We can’t control the weather. If we could, someone would turn off the rain spigot that has been drenching Montgomery County and the rest of the Washington metro area for the past week and bring an end to the precipitation. Lacking power to change meteorological facts doesn’t mean we are off the hook when it comes to safety in public. Drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists all have an extra duty of care when conditions make the going tough. Failure to do so can be seen as negligence and if disregard results in serious

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Reckless driving is a crime in Maryland

It’s rush hour after work, and traffic is crawling. Except for one car: The driver is speeding, swerving between lanes and behaving irresponsibly to escape the traffic jam. This behavior is not just irresponsible—it is very dangerous. In addition to causing physical and psychological injuries and damaging property or other vehicles, reckless driving is against the law. Many Marylanders don’t realize this, but reckless driving is a crime in our state. In Maryland, it is a misdemeanor offense that is taken very seriously. Reckless driving in the State of Maryland

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