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July 4 still one of the most dangerous days on the road

Many assume that New Years Eve is the best night to stay off the roads to avoid drunk drivers. However, Americans love to celebrate July 4th with family and friends. This often leads to long days in the sun eating and having fun. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), the fun turns tragic with the 4th being one of the most deadly of the year for drivers and their passengers due to drunk-driving crashes. The numbers According to a new report with the final results of the 2016 holiday, from July

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Why drivers can’t help being distracted

Most drivers understand that texting, using social media, playing a game or watching a video while driving is not safe behavior. Yet many still do it. The question is: Why? A recent study at the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction now has answers for us. According to founder David Greenfield, the addictive nature of smart phones with its bells and pings make it hard for the owner to ignore them even when driving. The study asserts that smart phones are affecting the circuitry of our brains, giving the body a euphoric

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