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So, you think you’re a good driver

Few people will claim to be bad drivers. However, a recent study shows that drivers may not be as good as they think they are. In fact, they are likely inflating their acumen. Experts claim that the way you feel about your skills is irrelevant. Your driving is judged by how other drivers react to your abilities or lack thereof. A good barometer is to count the number of horn honks, flashing brights, and middle fingers directed at you. If these reactions occur on a regular basis while you drive

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How safe are Maryland roads from drunk drivers?

Drunk drivers continue to create deadly dangers on roads throughout the country. One-third of those under the influence while driving are the cause of fatal crashes. Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia received recognition as the lowest rates of fatal crashes involving drunk and drugged drivers compared to the rest of the country. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiled 20 years of traffic fatality data in their study. From 1994 to 2015, Maryland came in ninth lowest (2.1 per 100,000), Virginia was sixth lowest (1.8 per 100,000), and the

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New PSA campaign seeks to prevent drowsy driving

We’ve all had the experience of driving tired. A cup of coffee helps, but there is no real substitute for 8 hours of sleep. But we all have busy lives, and sometimes driving tired is unavoidable. Unfortunately, the frequency with which drowsy driving occurs is staggering. Millions of accidents occur every year due to drowsy driving. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 8,000 people lose their lives in accidents involving drowsy driving every year. Every day, 83.6 million drive drowsy. That is why the NHTSA began a national

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Are teens more prone to risky behavior behind the wheel?

Adolescents being prone to reckless behavior would never be considered “breaking news,” particularly to those who continually interact with them. However, a recent study published in Developmental Science shows something far more troubling in the very DNA of young people. The new research confirms that teenage brains are wired to engage in risky behaviors that spike during adolescence. The study looked at more than 5,000 teens and young adults from the United States and 10 other countries. Researchers identified that “sensation seeking” peaks at around age 19. A young adult’s ability to

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In the future, might truck driving be done remotely?

Truck driver conduct can play a major role in truck accidents. There are a wide range of types of negligent conduct by such drivers which could sharply increase the chances of their truck getting into a crash. Skilled truck accident attorneys can provide guidance to victims of crashes caused by truck driver negligence when it comes to legal options. Now, autonomous vehicle technology may someday lead to trucks that have no drivers in them being out on the roads. However, a truck having no driver physically onboard may not mean

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Are new safety protocols on cruise ships too little and too late?

Anyone traveling on a cruise ship would assume that a vessel navigating the open waters with swimming pools on board would naturally staff lifeguards. Yet, the second most popular cruise line to Disney has failed in the past to keep watch over a popular leisure time activity. Following the drowning deaths of two eight-year-old boys in pools on their ships, one from Maryland in 2016 and the other from Texas in 2015, Royal Caribbean announced enforcement of a new water safety program. According to a statement, their objective is to “raise

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Cap or no cap?

Plaintiff’s lawyers and the medical industry have waged a continuous war over malpractice suits. Both sides have accused the other of seemingly unlimited power. However, in terms of lobbying dollars, trial lawyers spent $6 million in 2016, a mere fraction of the health care industries outlay of $563 million. It seems that the larger amount was well spent and may pay off. Medical professionals who are the subject of malpractice lawsuits may now see significant relief in the near future. On February 28, the House Judiciary Committee passed legislation that would cap

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