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Is driverless technology as safe as Tesla claims?

Since the introduction of their self-driving vehicles, Tesla has been hit with bad publicity over supposed shortcomings in their driverless technology. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently completed a review of a Florida accident that killed a Model S owner. The investigation focused on Autopilot technology introduced in 2015 for cars to maintain a set speed and course on a highway and make automatic lane changes. This past January, U.S. regulators concluded that no specific defect existed, in spite of its failure to recognize a truck crossing in front

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The U.S. Post Office bites back against dog attacks

The U.S. Postal Service is enjoying a resurgence thanks to a significant jump in online retail sales. The boom in internet shopping and grocery delivery services has created a steady stream of package deliveries seven days a week. Carriers find themselves covering more ground with packages overflowing out of their trucks. However, more deliveries mean more exposure to a letter carrier’s longtime canine adversary. The cliché from movies, television shows and even comic strips is no laughing matter for the Post Office and their employees. Millions of dollars are spent

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What are the safest cars for teens?

Parents worry about their teenagers when it comes to getting behind the wheel, and for good reason. We have written extensively on how teens are at a higher risk for crashes and injury than drivers of any other age group. The reasons are numerous: teen drivers are inexperienced, prone to take more risks, and are easily distracted, particularly when they have passengers in the vehicle. Teen drivers often drive older, unsafe vehicles That is why parents, when possible, try to have their teens drive the safest possible vehicles. Of course,

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Uncovering CDL testing scams

Commercial drivers, particularly those who operate large 18-wheel trucks, are fixtures on highways, freeways and interstates throughout the country. While intimidating in their presence, drivers can only trust that operators behind the wheel are skilled, qualified, and exercise the highest standards of safety. The bare minimum of those expectations is truck drivers that hold a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL). The Department of Transportation (DOT) recently announced a pair of trucking-related criminal cases involving CDL test schemes. According to the DOT’s Office of Inspector General, Antonio Estuardo Tinti administered a CDL

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The status of seatbelt use

Injuries that occur in motor vehicle accidents are more severe when the accident victims are not wearing seatbelts. While it does not reduce the level of negligence that caused the collision, seatbelts can mean the difference between minor and severe, if not fatal injuries. The federal government established lofty standards for seatbelt use in 2010. Their objective was to have 92 percent of Americas literally restraining themselves in motor vehicles by 2020, whether they were driving or riding in cars. A Mixed Bag Of Seatbelt Statistics With data from 2012,

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