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Public employee struck pedestrian, left scene

When someone hits another car or a pedestrian, the responsible—and lawful—thing to do is get out, check to see whether the other party is injured, and exchange insurance information. But not all drivers act responsibly—or lawfully. Some drivers simply drive away when they hit another car, leaving the other person to deal with the damage. Hit-and-runs drivers come from all walks of life. Sometimes, they can even be public employees. One example is a recent Maryland case in which a city employee fatally struck a pedestrian, then left the scene.

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Self-driving cars bring many liability issues

Self-driving cars, once merely a futuristic fantasy, may soon appear on roadways nationwide. Several auto manufacturers are designing autonomous vehicles, test-driving them and even sending them out into the world. Self-driving cars are still rare on public roads, but may soon become widespread. The inception of self-driving cars has raised several important issues. Two weeks ago, a woman was struck and killed by a Volvo that was in autonomous mode. Her death raised issues of safety, insurance and responsibility. Who is responsible? One of the biggest issues surrounding self-driving cars

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Attorney Steven H. Dorne is an accomplished lawyer who practices in state and federal courts in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. He brings more than 30 years of experience and a long record of success to each case. His law practice is distinguished by careful preparation and thorough analysis of each case.

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