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Premises Liability

The high risk of high-rises

A catastrophic fire in an apartment building across the pond has shown a bright light on orders given to people in tall structures when a blaze erupts. Specifically scrutinized is the long-accepted and seemingly counterintuitive rule to stay in place and far away from the stairs. Residents of London’s 24-story Grenfell Tower heard those demands after the fire broke out on a lower floor. That strategy fell tragically short as the flames spread and soon engulfed the building. Trapped residents had limited options. Some jumped to their deaths rather than

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Report: Lithium ion batteries can catch fire during storage

Remember the Galaxy Note 7 that Samsung recalled earlier this year after some of the devices spontaneously combusted? Or how about the infamous “exploding” hoverboards from last year’s holiday season? In both cases, it was actually their lithium ion batteries that ignited. After many such instances, researchers started looking into just how hazardous these energy-dense batteries may be. It’s not good news. If you’re not careful, lithium ion batteries can spontaneously catch firewhile sitting in storage. Not only that, but their presence can make other fires worse. If you operate a retail

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Premises liability claims can be complicated

Maryland residents may assume that if they are successful in a personal injury lawsuit, they will automatically get 100 percent of the damages that are awarded by the jury. Their assumption would be wrong, however, if they bear some degree of fault for the incident. Injuries suffered in a slip and fall accident at a private home or a business are often the fault of the property owner. However, when the plaintiff had some responsibility, the amount of the recovery will depend in part on state law. A few states

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Update on dog bite liability laws and the Maryland legislature

Lawmakers in the special session of the Maryland legislature failed to pass a bill that would have overturned a court ruling involving liability issues surrounding animal attacks by pit bulls. Maryland’s highest court previously ruled that pit bulls are to be considered “inherently dangerous,” and that personal injury or premises liability lawsuits involving dog bites by pit bulls did not require proof that the animal had exhibited prior violent behavior in order to hold the owner of the animal liable for damages. The ruling also allowed landlords to be held

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