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Medical malpractice bill exempting ‘free’ doctors fails

A bill that seeks to exempt doctors who offer free medical care from malpractice lawsuits has failed to pass in the final legislative session in another state. In an election year in which medical malpractice reform is a hot topic in the Washington D.C. area and around the country, this particular bill, as do many medical malpractice reform efforts, has fierce support and opposition. Opponents argue that this bill is unfair to low-income consumers because it prevents those who seek free medical care from pursuing a medical malpractice claim against

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Doctors handwritten prescriptions could prove to be fatal

Although many Maryland residents have moved beyond handwritten communications and dictation in the workplace, the vast majority of doctors are still handwriting their prescriptions. Some of these handwritten prescriptions result in medication errors and could prove fatal for some patients if they receive the wrong medication or dosage due to a transcription error. Doctors are famous for their chicken-scratch handwriting, so why are they still doing this in the age computer technology and electronic communications? There was a study published in 2010 led by a professor of medical informatics at

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