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Tailgating isn’t just annoying—it can cause accidents

Perhaps you have been driving on the highway, obeying the traffic laws and keeping your eyes on the road. The car behind you is getting closer and closer. Soon, its bumper is practically touching yours, and the driver doesn’t seem to care. Most of us have been tailgated when driving. Yes, it’s obnoxious—but more than that, it can also be dangerous. A recent study has shown that tailgaters are not just annoying. They can also cause traffic jams and serious accidents. The truth about traffic jams Recently, the Computer Science

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Winter weather can make for deadly car accidents

If you were to guess, which weather condition do you think is most deadly: Tornadoes, earthquakes, floods or snow? You may have guessed one of the first three, with good reason—those weather hazards are indeed dangerous. But snow is actually responsible for more deaths than all of the other conditions combined. That is because snow can lead to deadly traffic accidents—about 800 in the United States every year. There are many other facts that you should know about deadly winter accidents—so we have compiled a list of important statistics that you

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