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Winter weather can make for deadly car accidents

On behalf of Law Offices of Steven H. Dorne posted in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents on December 13, 2017.

If you were to guess, which weather condition do you think is most deadly: Tornadoes, earthquakes, floods or snow?

You may have guessed one of the first three, with good reason—those weather hazards are indeed dangerous. But snow is actually responsible for more deaths than all of the other conditions combined. That is because snow can lead to deadly traffic accidents—about 800 in the United States every year. There are many other facts that you should know about deadly winter accidents—so we have compiled a list of important statistics that you should know.

Wintertime fatal crash statistics

  • The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration estimates that approximately 17 percent of all car accidents occur during the wintertime.
  • The deadliest year for fatal winter car wrecks was 2013, topping over 1,200 deaths.
  • The most dangerous states to drive in during the winter are Ohio and Michigan, with 86 and 83 deadly accidents apiece, respectively. If you are headed there for the holidays, be cautious.
  • Speed limits are meant for optimal road conditions. If the road is icy, snowy or wet, drivers should drive slow down as needed.
  • Many deadly car accidents in the winter occur in the afternoon and evening, when drivers are adjusting for reduced visibility.
  • The most common days for deadly winter accidents are Saturdays, with an average of 286 deaths nationally, and Friday, with 197. This may be because many people go out and drink on these two days.

Prevent deadly accidents

Fortunately, there are measures that drivers can take to reduce the frequency of fatal winter crashes. These include:

  • Reducing speed to allow for road conditions
  • Driving defensively and cautiously
  • Allowing a greater stopping distance between cars

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