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So, you think you’re a good driver

On behalf of Law Offices of Steven H. Dorne posted in Motor Vehicle Accidents on March 28, 2017.

Few people will claim to be bad drivers. However, a recent study shows that drivers may not be as good as they think they are. In fact, they are likely inflating their acumen.

Experts claim that the way you feel about your skills is irrelevant. Your driving is judged by how other drivers react to your abilities or lack thereof. A good barometer is to count the number of horn honks, flashing brights, and middle fingers directed at you.

If these reactions occur on a regular basis while you drive slow in the left lane or fail to signal turns, you may be part of a growing problem. According to, nineteen percent of drivers are cut off by their fellow motorists on a daily basis.

Are you in that club that does not seem to be so exclusive? More importantly, are you able to take a long hard look at your own driving abilities.

If you are, there’s an app for that.

HighwayHero was developed by Liberty Mutual. It tracks and scores driving behavior based on acceleration, hard braking and cornering, speeding, and phone usage. Upon completion of the trip, the app offers feedback and scores you against other drivers. Customers qualify for discounts.

At first glance, the results are promising with average scores of 84 out of 100, considered a “good driver” rating. However, data also revealed significant problem areas involving speed and phone use. More alarmingly, these issues were documented when drivers knew they were being monitored.

Automatic is another app that provides more detailed data by plugging directly into your vehicle’s diagnostic port. Created by Owner Operator Direct, a truck insurance company, it rates driving skills and allows you to work with a designated driving coach.

Driving experience and skills are two different things. While good drivers make the road safe for bad drivers, the most seasoned operators still engage in risky behavior that puts others at risk. Rehabilitation is possible, whether it involves an app or self-evaluation.

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