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Summer months means more motorcycles on the roads

Any bike rider will tell you there are fewer thrills more enjoyable than hopping on a motorcycle and hitting the road. There is a distinct intimacy one experiences while on a motorcycle. The wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, the road mere few feet below. There is a reason why motorcycle riding is so popular in the United States, including with many riders from the Rockville, Maryland area. Whether you are a motorcycle driver or not, it is important to recognize that those on bikes also are

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Recognizing the risks of distracted driving

Many people from Rockville, Maryland, the surrounding area and throughout the United States are aware of the potential dangers of distracted driving, but many are not necessarily aware of just how dangerous it can be. In fact, looking at recent statistics should come as a dire warning for everyone out on the roads. According to statistics from the United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were nearly 400,000 injuries related to distracted driving and nearly 3,500 deaths in 2015 alone. The causes of distracted driving accidents

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Trucking companies and their dangerous and deadly practices

While truck drivers come from all walks of life, many, particularly in California, are lower-income immigrants who speak minimal English. Yet, they hold significant responsibilities to haul essential goods for high-profile retailers that include Costco, Target and Home Depot. Apparently, those responsibilities are coming at a significant cost, both financially and to drivers’ well-being. The USA Today Network conducted a yearlong investigation that revealed the dangerous illegal practices employed by Southern California-based port trucking companies. Perhaps the most significant issue involves businesses forcing drivers to finance their own trucks. Drivers end up

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Will new regulations for licensed truck drivers improve safety?

After five months of regulatory reviews mandated by the current White House administration, national training standards for new truck drivers are now law. As of June 5, carriers, trainers and other stakeholders have until February 20, 2020 to comply with the newly finalized regulations. Commercial driver’s license applicants who receive their CDLs on February 7, 2020 or after will now be required to undergo training based on a specific core curriculum. Specific coursework for Class A certification includes: Basic operation of a vehicle Vehicle control systems and dashboard instruments Pre-

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Fatal auto accidents and children

Fatal motor vehicle accidents involving children under 15 vary widely state by state, according to study by Harvard and UT Southwestern Medical Center. Researchers were the first to look at state-level trends while accounting for differences in geography and state laws. Overall results show approximately 16 percent of children died in fatal collisions from 2010 to 2014 for a total of 2,885 children. The number represents a mortality rate of .94 per 100,000 per year. Specific results by geography include: The South saw the highest number of deadly accidents with1,550

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Are drones ready for their close-up 100 feet away?

In the short time following a car accident, personal injury lawyers and law enforcement with admittedly different agendas rush to the scene. Lawyers are trying to build a legal case while cops are working quickly to conduct much-needed investigations and subsequently clear the scene. The days of tape measurements, wheel and chalk marks, other forms of “analog” investigation tools may become a thing of the past. A replacement is waiting in the “wings.” Drones that are currently performing more cutting-edge accident investigations in Illinois could be coming to the skies over the

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Maryland tops all states in teen driving safety

The latest numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveal teen driver-related fatal accidents are on the increase. In 2015, young drivers were involved in1,186 fatal accidents, up nine percent from the previous year’s 1,723. Non-fatal accidents involving teen drivers also grew by 14 percent. A stat considered “alarming, though not altogether unpredictable” revealed a higher rate of fatal crashes among older, more experienced teen drivers (19 to 20-years old) versus 16 to 17-years-olds, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. State-by-state statistics on teen driver safety shows

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Uncovering CDL testing scams

Commercial drivers, particularly those who operate large 18-wheel trucks, are fixtures on highways, freeways and interstates throughout the country. While intimidating in their presence, drivers can only trust that operators behind the wheel are skilled, qualified, and exercise the highest standards of safety. The bare minimum of those expectations is truck drivers that hold a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL). The Department of Transportation (DOT) recently announced a pair of trucking-related criminal cases involving CDL test schemes. According to the DOT’s Office of Inspector General, Antonio Estuardo Tinti administered a CDL

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The status of seatbelt use

Injuries that occur in motor vehicle accidents are more severe when the accident victims are not wearing seatbelts. While it does not reduce the level of negligence that caused the collision, seatbelts can mean the difference between minor and severe, if not fatal injuries. The federal government established lofty standards for seatbelt use in 2010. Their objective was to have 92 percent of Americas literally restraining themselves in motor vehicles by 2020, whether they were driving or riding in cars. A Mixed Bag Of Seatbelt Statistics With data from 2012,

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So, you think you’re a good driver

Few people will claim to be bad drivers. However, a recent study shows that drivers may not be as good as they think they are. In fact, they are likely inflating their acumen. Experts claim that the way you feel about your skills is irrelevant. Your driving is judged by how other drivers react to your abilities or lack thereof. A good barometer is to count the number of horn honks, flashing brights, and middle fingers directed at you. If these reactions occur on a regular basis while you drive

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