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The importance of strong representation in the courts

On behalf of Law Offices of Steven H. Dorne posted in Personal Injury on July 21, 2017.

Any time a person leaves their home, they are at risk of a potential accident. No one starts their day thinking they will be in an accident that day, but throughout the United States and throughout the world, tens of thousands of people are injured or killed every day. Often these are due to true accidents, something that could not be avoided. But all too often, an accident is the result of negligence of someone.

Whether it is distracted driving while a teenager is texting on the phone, or someone controlling a boat on the water after too much to drink or a train conductor who is not paying attention and hits a turn on the tracks at too fast a speed. Accidents happen, and we never know when one could strike.

Although most of the thousands of accidents that occur each day throughout the country, including the Rockville, Maryland area are minor, that is not always the case. A serious collision or accident could leave a victim with serious injuries such as a spinal cord injury, brain injury or even a wrongful death.

If you have suffered a serious injury due to an accident, whether it is a car accident, boating accident or a train accident, you may want to reach out to a personal injury lawyer to work with you to determine whether you could be eligible for compensation for your injuries. A strong team of legal professionals can investigate your case, look at evidence and speak to witnesses all in an effort to determine whether negligence played a role in the accident. If fault can be proven, an accident victim may be able to obtain compensation.

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