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Spinal cord injuries can have devastating side effects

On behalf of Law Offices of Steven H. Dorne posted in Personal Injury on August 4, 2017.

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that runs down a person’s back body and through the spinal column. The spinal column is a set of bones that protect the spinal cord and that allow a person to move their bodies in a fluid manner. When a Rockville resident suffers an injury to their spinal column and spinal cord their movement and bodily functions can be severely impaired.

Spinal cord injuries can be complete or incomplete. If an injury is complete then the victim’s spinal cord does not function below the site of the injury. If the injury is incomplete then the victim may have some capacity for nerve function below the location of the injury.

The loss of nerve function due to a spinal cord injury can be devastating. Paralysis, or the loss of movement in a part of a person’s body, can result from spinal cord injuries. A victim may lose the ability to move their arms, legs and other body parts depending upon where their spinal cord is harmed.

Other effects of a spinal cord injury can be just as bad. A victim may lose their sense of touch and may not be able to control their bowels and bladder. They may require assistance to breathe if their injury impacts their lung function and they may lose the ability to walk on their own.

These are only some of the side effects the victim of a spinal cord injury may face in the wake of the accident that caused their harm. Spinal cord injuries can result from vehicle accidents, premises liability incidents, encounters with dangerous products and other events that result from negligence. However, in some cases victims of spinal cord injuring-accidents can seek compensation for their losses through personal injury legal claims.

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