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Are women more likely to suffer concussions?

By studying sports concussions, neuroscientists and researchers have gained significant strides in understanding brain trauma. However, the majority of studies have looked at male brains. The reason being, presumably, because males typically engage in high-impact sports in greater numbers. Recent research has spotlighted the importance of studying female brain trauma. A study in the journal Glia showed that brains of male mice actually had a greater immune response after head injury than female mice, meaning male mice were more likely to recover after traumatic brain injury. And a study by the Columbia University

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Rate of elder abuse is higher than previously thought

Elder abuse is a growing and overlooked problem. Many elderly people who need extensive care are not able to speak up for themselves, and those that do speak up about neglect are not always heard or helped. This is part of the reason why the most vulnerable are also the most likely to experience abuse, both by family caregivers and in long-term care institutions, including nursing homes. Nursing home abuse occurs when workers do not take the time to care for residents the way they should, but it can also

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The 100 deadliest days for teen drivers

While many think of summer as a time to unwind, parents of teenage drivers have a much more sobering statistic to consider: a greater number of teens are killed in auto accidents during the hundred days following Memorial Day than any another time period of the year. This may sound like a jarring statement, but it is meant to bring awareness to the fact that over 5,000 youthful drivers were killed in auto accidents during the same time period of days between 2010 and 2014. And that figure is only increasing. According

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What are the safest cars for teens?

Parents worry about their teenagers when it comes to getting behind the wheel, and for good reason. We have written extensively on how teens are at a higher risk for crashes and injury than drivers of any other age group. The reasons are numerous: teen drivers are inexperienced, prone to take more risks, and are easily distracted, particularly when they have passengers in the vehicle. Teen drivers often drive older, unsafe vehicles That is why parents, when possible, try to have their teens drive the safest possible vehicles. Of course,

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