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Hyattsville nursing home accused of neglect

On behalf of Law Offices of Steven H. Dorne posted in Medical Malpractice on November 23, 2012.

People expect their medical team to provide adequate care and help them recover from injury and disease. When that trust is breached by negligence, it can lead to tragedy and heartbreak for all involved. Medical professionals or facilities which provide inadequate care can be held accountable for nursing home neglect, and those who have received such treatment should educate themselves about the various forms of compensation that might be available to them.

A nursing home in Hyattsville has had repeated complaints lodged against it, and the latest involves a man who claims he almost died while a patient in the facility. In May, the man was sent to St. Thomas More for rehabilitation after a hospital stay. It was noted on his medical records that he had a small bed sore, but that it was healing. One month later, the man was rushed back to the hospital when it was discovered that the bedsore had spread, was the size of a football, had developed gangrene and a foul-smelling odor and that he was going into septic shock, a condition where the body’s organs begin to fail. The man has been in and out of the hospital several times since then, and is currently recovering at a different nursing home facility.

His wife filed a complaint against St. Thomas More with the Maryland Office of Health Care Quality on the grounds of deadly neglect. The 230-bed facility has had several complaints filed against it, and a long list of deficiencies has also been found during state inspections over the last several years. The facility is known for its deficiencies which are triple the state’s average at other facilities.

The nursing home settled that medical malpractice claim last year in the 2005 death of a patient due to bed sores. If a personal injury occurs, or a person suffers a worsened medical condition due to inadequate care in a nursing facility, all parties involved should investigate the possible routes to compensation for reimbursement for medical expenses and pain and suffering resulting from medical malpractice or hospital negligence.

Source:, “FOX 5 Investigates: Maryland nursing home accused of neglect,” Sherri Ly, Nov. 12, 2012

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