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Time saved by speeding not worth the risk

On behalf of Law Offices of Steven H. Dorne posted in Car Accidents on September 12, 2018.

It is human nature to step on the gas pedal when you are running behind. The thinking goes: I need to go faster, which gets me to my destination sooner. Now research says otherwise, particularly in urban environments.

According to a study that examines time saved from driving faster versus risk involved, there is little empirical evidence of saving time in day-to-day urban driving, and a much higher risk of speed-related crashes that lead to injuries and death. The researcher examined naturalistic driving data collected from 106 drivers over a period of five weeks.

The findings include:

  • Little time saved by speeding: 26 seconds per day, two minutes per week
  • Less chance of crash: The study points out that following the speed limit would lead to a 21 percent decrease in chance of injuries and a 38 percent reduction of fatalities.
  • The human cost: The cost of these time savings is one fatality for every 24,450 hours saved by the population on 100km/h roads in dry conditions and one injury for every 2458 hours saved on the same roads.

Trading fatalities and injuries for minor savings

Unfortunately, drivers and even lawmakers are unwilling to reduced speeds or increase the enforcement of legal speed limits. This means that those who speed will continue to trade a very minor saving of time for the much higher potential for injury or death.

If you are involved in a crash with injuries or had a loved one die in a motor vehicle accident, it is advisable to contact an attorney, particularly if you suspect or know that other party was driving recklessly. While an attorney cannot bring back loved ones or heal injuries, those who work with accident victims can convincingly argue for a settlement involving damages to individuals and property.

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